Downloading CartoWeb

Version 3.6.x (2012)

Source code on GitHub

Previous Versions

Version 3.5.0 (September 2008)

Changes are detailed in CartoWeb3 ChangeLog.

Source code with demo data and external libraries:

Windows installer (based on MS4W):

Source code with demo data and external libraries:

CartoWeb Development Version

You may as well download the latest development version via GitHub using the following command:

git clone

The SVN repository is still available but it has not been updated with newer code changes:

svn checkout cartoweb3

WARNING Please be aware that CartoWeb3 development version is not a stable release. Changes are made every day and some functionalities may get broken or drastically modified.


ThemaMap offers functionalities for thematic mapping. It must be used with a separate mapping engine (eg. MapServer). Its aim is to provide all the necessary tools to produce thematic maps (eg. classification, color luts generation, etc).

Documentation Generator

CartoWeb documentation is written using the DocBook format. To convert it in HTML or PDF documents, you may install the following DocBook framework (Linux or Windows/Cygwin). More information are available in CartoWeb documentation.

Vertex Simplification Program